Calvin Barreto

Animator, Technical Artist, Engineer

I am currently accepting freelance 3d animation work.
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I have 10 years of professional experience as a senior, lead, and technical animator in the games industry. My hand animation is top-notch and I have significant experience working with complex motion capture; both managing shoots and acting in cinematics myself.

I also have a year and a half of professional experience as an engineer in addition to my experience as a hobbyist.

I thrive working on talented, agile, multi­-disciplinary prototyping teams because I am a tech­-friendly, code­-comfortable, game development multi-­tool. I'm comfortable in Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, Blender, and Unity as well as a wide variety of other technical softwares.

I deconstruct existing processes and make them more efficient. I tackle new challenges with pleasure!